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We_have_movedI moved over to a new domain today. I like this one better. :) DanHutter.com will become sort of a business card site. Over at BigPoppa.org, I’ve activated and tweaked a new theme. I have lots of topics to write about but haven’t had a whole lot of time lately. Look for regular updates.

The Laundromat with a view is now closed

A couple weeks ago I went to do my laundry and pulled into my favorite laundromat only to find it was closed down. The door was locked and one of the change machines was pulled out of the wall. I cannot say I didn’t see it coming as over the last few years the place has gone down hill. Even the maintenance man didn’t have much nice to say about the joint.

It still sucks though. I’ve been going to this place with mom since before I got my driver’s license. After I got my license I took over laundry duty for the most part. The laundromat used to ‘close’ at 10 but that only meant half the lights were on a timer. The door was still open. Friends and I would go up there late night after getting off work at the bar and do our laundry. No one ever bothered us and we respected the place for the most part.

A few years back new owners took over. A nice couple always very friendly. They had made improvements and one of them was pretty much always there. Slowly but surely you seen the pride in their business wear down.

First, the garbage cans were removed because people were dumping household garbage in there. While I agree it’s pretty shitty of people to dump their garbage on someone, I felt it was shitty of the owners to take it out on their paying customers. What kind of laundromat has it where you cannot throw away empty soap containers?

Shortly after the garbage shenanigans multiple machines would be out of order. Dryers wouldn’t get hot. I don’t care about loosing a dollar in the dryer. I care about wasting my time thinking clothes are drying and having to start all over again when I have time to meet elsewhere.

I started going elsewhere to do laundry. Other places are much more convenient for me. I can do multiple things in one trip but I always liked the peace and quiet at this place. It was even better when my cell phone didn’t work up there. :D

The good news is the laundromat on the other side of Narrowsburg has new owners and recently installed all new machines. The dryers are ridiculously hot so even though the washers are more expensive I make up for it saving on the dryers. Chances are a year from now the new owners will turn down the heat in the dryers to squeeze more revenue out of them because that’s how it works.

However it’s just not the same. It’s a strip mall with a view of the parking lot and gas station across the street.

The Laundromat With A View

View From Fifth Street Laundromat 3

For quite a few years, I’ve been heading out to Narrowsburg to do laundry.  The 5th Street Laundromat used to be really nice hidden gem. While the laundromat itself has taken a turn for the worse, the view is still awesome and really the only reason I keep going back.

At the edge of the parking lot there is a (mostly) dilapidated picnic table that I usually sit on, have Chinese, and watch the river while waiting on the laundry. In spring, it’s nice to see all green sprouting. For the summer, it’s a nice breezy spot with lush greens. The fall brings beautiful foliage. Once winter arrives, you cannot stand outside for long but there is a crispness in the air right off the river that perfectly matches the snow-white trees and iced-over Delaware River.

Here’s a couple shots I took a few weeks ago a pretty much the tail end of foliage season here in Sullivan County: